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Skyrim Fast Travel Mod: Enable And Disable Fast Travel

Are you tired of walking? Skyrim doesn’t offer many quick ways to travel. You can only walk or ride home, which can be quite daunting. You don’t have to travel long distances when you can do it in minutes. That’s right! Skyrim now allows you to fast travel. There are many Skyrim Fast Travel mods available that will allow you to reach your destination quickly, which is great news for lazy guys. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Skyrim’s Top Fast Travel Mods

These are the best fast travel mods available for Oldrim and Special Edition, which you can both install on your PC or consoles.

Better Skyrim Fast Travel Mods – Carriages And Ships – Overhauled

First, I have the Better Fast Travel mod. This mod allows you to travel quickly in Oldrim using boats and carriages. These carriages are operated in small towns, and the fares are based on distance covered. You will have an immersive travel experience. Its pricing can also be customized in the MCM menu. That’s cool, right? Now you can create a realistic pricing system.

This quick travel mod is compatible with both vanilla and Hearthfires. The later version includes player-built houses with carriages and additional locations for the Hearthfire carriages.

Horses that are better

The Better Horses mod in Skyrim transforms horses into faster, more powerful beasts with more stamina. Horses that are fast and have a lot of stamina can make it easy to travel quickly. Horses that are strong and agile can travel long distances because they don’t tire easily. These horses won’t engage in combat and will stay clear of any danger.

This skyrim fast travel mods can be downloaded for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You can download it from the links below for Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

Marelo’s Overhaul

You want to disable skyrim fast travel mod? I created a mod to disable all forms of fast travel except when you’re riding a dragon. You can therefore stick to the old-age theme of the game. Perfect for slowing down and enjoying the experience!

Marelo’s Overhaul mods the gameplay and magic of Skyrim. It also allows you disable fast travel. Make sure you have Disable Fast Travel 32 installed when installing the mod. Get the mod from the download link below.

Skyrim Disable Fast Travel

This mod allows you to travel slower in Skyrim by disabling fast travel. You can move on foot, horseback, on stagecoach, or on a ferry. This mod is available for Skyrim Special Edition or Oldrim. Click the links below to download it. Fast travel is over!