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Training for sport and group that prepares you and your team for the season. We will get you and your team in top shape CONQUEST FITNESS for the season, from circuit training to core work and testing to core work.

Conquest Fitness Individual Training Looking to improve your Conquest Fitness, athleticism and health? Individual training is for you. Your training session will be completely customized to get you the results that you desire. We have all the tools you need to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s weight loss/gains or toning or sport-specific training. We will even get it for your if we don’t have it! Fortune favors the bold. Come join Human Performance Institute to get the best trainers!


HPI offers a customized meal plan. If they’re not made for you, diets won’t work. Everybody is unique. Everybody is unique, and every person’s diet has a different effect on them. Personal training is not just about looking good, but also about feeling healthy. Healthy eating habits are the key to a long, healthy life. Justin Hartig will personal design a meal plan for you to improve your overall health and maintain the results of your training.


Experts now recommend that we eat fat after years of being told to avoid it. However, it must be the right type. It’s important to cut down on saturated fats and avoid trans fats, but incorporating good fat sources (such as olive oil, nuts and avocados) into your daily diet can have many health benefits. Still confused? These simple tips will help you distinguish the good from bad.

Memberships to the Human Performance Conquest Fitness Institute include, but not limited to:

  • Coaching: Justin Hartig and his team can answer your nutrition and training questions.
  • Networking: Get the support and motivation you need from other HPI members.
  • Workouts: Every week, a new and fully-detailed strength and size building program is created. It includes warmups, exercises as well as sets, reps, and rest periods.
  • Logs for Training and Nutrition: Keep track of your diet and exercise to get feedback and improve.
  • Videos: With our video guidance, you can learn a wide range of moves and exercises that you have never done before.
  • Exclusive Content: Human Performance Institute members only articles on nutrition, motivation, mental toughness and fitness.
  • Training Challenges: Every month, HPI challenges will give you the chance to win gear, books, and supplements.

Whether training for health maintenance, cardiovascular/circulatory improvement, weight loss, improving body composition, or musculoskeletal strengthening and conditioning, our fully-equipped Conquest Fitness center can help you with it all!

Mind Body Symmetry, DeWitt Fitness Studio and DeWitt Fitness Studio offer a variety of Conquest Fitness classes online and in person to suit all your Conquest Fitness needs. You can find schedules and other information on their pages.