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Rendering a House: Design Ideas and Costs

When it comes to cladding houses, house rendering is a fascinating prospect. This finish is more versatile than any other cladding option and can be used on many properties, including old and new homes as well as budget and high-end builds.

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This is partly due to the wide range of renders that are available. There are traditional lime renders that can breathe and old buildings, as well as modern monocouche renders that have desirable properties and give modern homes a clean finish.

This diversity also makes it difficult to navigate the world house rendering.

Is House Rendering Worth It?

Two main reasons house rendering is necessary are:

  • Protect the house walls from rainwater and weathering
  • To give the house a beautiful appearance

Does House Rendering Stop Damp?

External house rendering can be used to quickly fix penetrating damp. This is especially true when water gets trapped between brickwork and render. It should be used in conjunction with other measures to address the root cause of damp. These could include roof problems, broken guttering or fascia boards. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to repoint brickwork before rendering.

What is the cost of house rendering?

The cost of house rendering varies depending on where you are renovating your house, how experienced your tradesperson is, and what the house looks like.

Exterior house rendering using a sand-and-cement method with a finer topcoat is around PS35-60/m2 including two coats external masonry paint.

Monocouche rendering can be expensive at upwards of PS40/m2.

Lime render can be more difficult to apply and therefore takes longer. You can expect to pay between PS45-50+/m2.

External insulation with a render finish can be expensive. PS70-90+/m2.

Can I Render my House DIY?

It is not recommended. It is best to leave the rendering of a house to professionals. You want the render to look great.

It takes skill and patience to do it quickly and accurately.

Do I Need Planning Permission for House Rendering?

You don’t need planning permission to make your house look new if you live in a semi-detached or terraced house. However, you should consider how your neighbors will react to the changes.