Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki is also known as Suneater, his hero name. He is currently enrolled in Class 3-A[4] at U.A. High School, part of The Big 3.

Appearance Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki is a tall, pale-skinned young man. His ears are much longer than others, and his tips are pointedy and elf-like. His indigo hair is long and wavy, and his eyes are tired looking. He also has thin, gray-colored eyes that are partially covered by his bangs, despite the fact they should be cut so as not to impair his vision. He avoids eye contact with people and his shoulders are often hunched.

Tamaki Amajiki school uniform is worn in a casual way by Tamaki. Tamaki’s tie is not as tight as it should and his shirt isn’t tucked in properly, giving the impression that he isn’t putting much effort into his appearance.

The tamaki amajiki hero costume is a black bodysuit with gold plating at the shoulders and arms. A matching tunic and matching cape are also worn by the hero. The hood has more gold plating. The cape attaches to a collar-like scarf that has a silver mask at the front. A purple mask covers his face, and he also wears a matching carrier vest with red belts. He is barefoot and wears a mask to cover his eyes.

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Hides His Face

Tamaki is shy, introverted, depressed, aloof, and “intimidating” especially when he’s around large audiences. Tamaki can get anxious when he is talking to others. Tamaki will sometimes face away when his anxiety is too much and lean against a wall to conceal his face. If Tamaki feels hurt or has a bad feeling, this can also happen.

His physical abilities and Quirk are exceptional, but Tamaki is socially awkward and has little confidence in his own abilities. Tamaki feels overwhelmed by the need to be perfect, which has impacted his self-esteem. Tamaki is quick and vocal to point out when others are too optimistic in their pessimistic opinions, but he is unable recognize his own accomplishments. Fat Gum’s optimism is directly in contrast to Tamaki’s pessimism. Tamaki, despite being complimented for his taunting by Fat Gum often takes his mentor’s praise. 

Tamaki, despite his timidity, is capable of showing glimpses of bravery. Tamaki, despite being shy and reserved from his childhood, was able to develop his skills and rise up the ranks to become a U.A. officer. The Big 3. Mirio Togata has been a huge inspiration to Tamaki. Their cooperation throughout their lives led Tamaki establish his own set stern beliefs that he will stand by and voice.

Suneater’s Determination

Tamaki Amajiki believes that no one should belittle the hard work of another. He observed that Class 1-A couldn’t recognize the amount of work Mirio had put into his power and even showed his face in order to make a comment. Mirio often gives Tamaki the motivation to act, even when he feels anxious. Suneater, inspired by Mirio’s bravery in the yakuza raids, shows flashes of courage and takes on three villains to complete the mission. 

Tamaki was relentless in his fight against the villains. He pushed himself beyond his limits to ensure he met the expectations of Fat Gum, Mirio and other people who believe in him. Tamaki expressed his disapproval at the fact that Yu Hojo and Toya Setsuno consider themselves to be expendable to Overhaul. However, he seems to have a very good understanding of the bonds between allies. 

Abilities Tamaki Amajiki

Suneater takes on three powerful villains at once Overall Abilities Tamaki is one U.A. Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado and Tamaki are the most influential students at High School. They are collectively known as The Big Three. Tamaki is said to possess skills and abilities far beyond those of most Pro Heroes.

Through intense training, tamaki amajiki mastered his Quirk, the Manifest. He can manipulate size manipulation, feature selection, and simultaneous manifestations. Tamaki’s fighting style is full of variation and unpredictable results. Tamaki believes that Clams and Takoyaki are great for defense and offense. Tamaki uses his tentacle fingers to bind opponents, and defends himself with a clamshell shell husk. Tamaki can also use chicken talon with octopus muscle or tentacle fingers strengthened by crab shells. Fat Gum believes Tamaki’s abilities surpass his and a whole team of Pro heroes, students, and other players that included Eraser Head and Ryukyu. 

Multiple times Tamaki has proved his strength. Before his Quirk was temporarily erased, Tamaki was able to easily neutralize dangerous villains. Tamaki proved his mettle when he faced off against ToyaSetsuno, Yu Hojo and Soramitsu Tabe (the Eight Bullets) in a 3-on-1 match. He was confident that he would be able to take on the Yakuza trio all by himself.