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Tips to deal with insurance after an injury

Tips to deal with insurance after an injury

It may not be something you think of when it comes to dealing with insurance companies after an accident. But, it is one of the most critical things to consider. Why? How you handle insurance after a car accident will determine if you get fair compensation. Even if someone is at fault for your injuries, fair compensation is what you need. Your case can be made or broken by the words and actions you speak or do when dealing directly with deal with insurance. We have compiled this list to help you.

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7 Essential Tips for Managing Insurance after a California Car Accident

Unless your car has been involved in an incredibly high number of accidents insurance, it’s unlikely that you have had to meet with representatives and adjusters for insurance in the recent past. If you haven’t spoken to an insurance adjuster or representative before, you might be surprised at their friendliness and helpfulness.

Employers are trained to find ways to decrease the compensation they give them. It is important to bring some tricks and tips with you into these conversations in order to counter their tactics. These are seven important tips that will help you handle insurance after an accident.

Don’t Admit Fault

California law states that if an accident occurs, you could be held responsible for any damages. You could lose your right to a settlement if you admit fault to your insurer.

Another way of saying that you shouldn’t confess to wrongdoings or give too much information about the crash to the insurance company is to not say so. Insurers are skilled at making you say things that could be used against you.

Talk to an attorney

A skilled attorney is the best way to avoid saying things that could cause a car accident. We are car accident lawyers, just like you. We know the insurance company’s tactics and have developed many counter-methods that help maximize our clients claims.

The insurance companies will not allow you to retain an attorney in this situation. They might even make it seem like you need to speak to them before calling an attorney. But you don’t. It is completely within your rights to speak to an attorney before you get insurance coverage after an accident.

Be wary of recorded statements

Your insurance company might contact you to inform you that they need more information about the accident. They may ask for a recorded account that details the incident. This is almost always a trap that will catch you saying something incorrectly and can be used against to you in the future when you attempt to collect compensation.

No matter what the insurance company says, you aren’t legally required to record a statement. Your attorney can still provide details about the accident for you.

Look out for Fast Settlement Offers

In some cases, insurers will offer a quick settlement offer — sometimes within a few days of the crash. It may feel like you have won but it’s important to be cautious. These offers can sometimes be low-ball. You will be asked to accept less money than you actually owe before you fully understand what amount you are entitled to.

Once you have accepted the settlement you will be responsible for any additional costs related to your accident or injuries. Asking your attorney for advice is a smart thing.

Don’t be too specific about your injuries

Watch out for the insurer asking you details about the “nature and extent” of your injuries. If you forget to include any information about your injury or the extent of your injuries, the insurer might refer to your answers to that question and decide you don’t have a right to compensation for more than you originally described.

It doesn’t matter how detailed you tell the insurance company about your injuries. You can tell the insurance company that you are still reviewing your injuries and are undergoing treatment. Then, direct them to speak with your lawyer.

Remember, Insurers are not on Your Side

It’s important to remind yourself every day that the insurance company is not your friend when dealing with adjusters after a car crash. While they might try to make you feel comfortable, the truth is that they don’t want to be your friend.

They’re not on your side. Their top priority is to decrease the amount of money that they have available.

Keep a record of your accident and any injuries

It is impossible to have enough photos or videos of your injuries, and the scene at an accident. You may not need all of them, which is the worst thing that could happen. The best thing that could happen, and often does, is that you have documentation that proves your side of an accident and strengthens the case for full compensation.

It’s best to take as many photos and videos as you can. It includes your vehicle as well as any other involved vehicles. Also, take photos of the immediate surroundings. Take pictures of your injuries. To show the progress of your injuries over time, you can take photos every few days.